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About Galley Swap is the global hub for galley enthusiasts to come together and share ideas for cooking in a small space.

Are you a cruiser, live-aboard, or do you simply spend a lot of time on your boat? Then we're guessing that you've asked yourself a time or two: What am I going to cook?! We hope the recipes, advice, and links on this site will help you answer that question.

The mission of is to bring together people who are interested in swapping thoughts and ideas about anything galley related, recipes being the key ingredient.

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About the creators of GalleySwap

The community website was created and is operated by life-long sailors Mike and Verena. You can read our blog about our adventures cruising in the Pacific Northwest aboard our trusty MacGregor 26X at As with most small boat owners we are currently looking to size up.  If you have any leads on moderately priced blue water capable sail boats that are on the market please forward us what you have.

We are always looking for ways to make the GalleySwap community a better place and look forward to your suggestions and comments!

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